Coronavirus top tips

An unofficial list of tips picked up from a variety of sources, including whatsapp groups, documents, emails, etc

I hope to update this with tips and tricks based on collective experience once things pick up...

Please don't follow these blindly, meant to be useful food for thought

Airway management

  • person chosen to manage airway should be most likely to secure ETT at first attempt should perform intubation to reduce aerosolisation risk
  • Resuce device - choose second gen LMA with no gastric port or consider covering iGel hole with tape to reduce aerosolisation - Link

Transfer post intubation

  • perhaps we should consider intrahospital transfer of an intubated patient to another area e.g ITU as a risk for aerosol generation (disconnection of tube or bagging etc may happen in an enclosed space on the way). This would mean FFP3 masks used during the intubation should not be removed until after the patient has been dropped off at their destination.
  • there is a risk of contaminating the environment on the way to the destination. Rather than doff then donn again which I hear is very difficult in sweaty conditions it may be more practical to put another layer on e.g clean gown and gloves over the top of the ones you are wearing, while leaving your FFP3 mask and visor in place.
  • we would need a clean runner in PPE to go ahead and open doors and lifts. The clean runner should not get in to the lift with you and the patient.
  • every effort should be made by the transferring team to avoid touching anything but the patient and trolley on the way to the destination
  • once the patient has reached their destination, doff PPE in this environment except FFP3 mask which is the last thing you remove immediately after you exit the room