CT3 equivalent rep

1) Matthew Simkiss

Hello my name is Matt Simkiss and I would like to run for the ‘CT3 Equivalent’ rep role. Having struggled to organise a CT3 anaesthetic ‘top up’ fellowship I understand the importance of good organisational representation for our cohort. Ensuring that we are able help sort out problems at a regional level will hopefully allow trainees to succeed in securing ST4 jobs in February 2023. As one of those affected by the change in curriculum I have a vested interest in ensuring we have as much of a voice as possible. To do this, I’d like to take a greater role in the leadership and organisation of our cohort; making sure that nobody feels left behind.


2) Helen Dixon

Hello my name is Helen Dixon and I'm running for 'CT3 Equivalent' Rep.
Having succumbed to the bottle neck of registrar applications on two occasions now, I'm determined to make the most of my CT3 Top up year for myself and others.
I'm sure I'm not the only one whose 5 year plan has gone down the pan. I hope I can help mitigate the effects of being unable to get on the reg ladder by representing us CT3s.

There are ongoing concerns, I intend on exploring such as
- ensuring places at teaching and exams for those of us not in training
- guidance and help about the CESAR route into consultancy
- stressing the need to increase ST4 posts across the country to prevent an ongoing problem
- clear guidance for those of us doing >12 months in CT3 as to how our experience will be used at ARCP to reduce time spent in stages 2&3 of training

This has been thought of as an 'Anaesthetics problem' but as a current ICM trainee I have seen how it has become detrimental to those of us wishing to dual train. I hope to encourage discussions about time out of currently held training posts, to achieve necessary anaesthetic experience, including what a dual training programme would look like with anaesthetics being undertaken as a CESAR route.

I hope you can trust that I will take your issues and concerns as personal as I did the rejection (both times..) for reg training.
I really think we can make the best of a bad situation so please vote for me, Helen Dixon as your CT3 Equivalent Rep.

North West