The LTFT Forum will be on 17th March 2022. All welcome to attend.

Less than full time training is growing and changing with more than 70 trainees now in the North West Deanery. With more and more people finding out about the exciting opportunities that less than full time training offers, hopefully this is your one stop shop for all the information you could need. 


If you would like any information regarding LTFT training please contact one of the people below. 

LTFT training adviser: Dr Karen Kidner -

North West LTFT Trainee Rep: Dr Matthew Stokes - 

Mersey LTFT Trainee Rep: Dr Emily Robinson -

Guides & Links

The North West Anaesthesia Less than Full Time guide should be your first stop for any queries with regards to less than full time training. 

HEE Guidance has also been written which contains more general information on less than full time training. The HENW LTFT Website contains further info and a separate link to the eligibility form.

The RCOA have produced their own guide specific to LTFT training in anaesthesia. 

The A to Z guide by the RCOA to LTFT training is available here

This Study Leave guidance explains the process for LTFT trainees.

This E-Learning Package is designed for trainers and staff involved in supporting trainees in their LTFT roles. 


For information regarding rotas please view the NW LTFT guide further up the page.

For calculation of your hours you can use this LTFT rota template created by a LTFT trainee. 


Guide for people on the 'old' pre-2016 contract.

Guide for people on the 'new' 2016 contract.

Pay protection has caused problems for LTFT trainees but it is a complicated area. Here is a link to FAQs from NHSE.

The BMA have a page explaining pay protection including an interactive tool to identify which section you are in. 

The BMA have also explained the updates to the 2016 contract incuding changes to pay protection and a further nodal point at ST6.


The LTFT Checklist is a step by step guide to those applying for a LTFT post.

Category 3 applications (to become LTFT for reasons other than health or childcare) are to be accepted for anaesthesia from September 2021. All trainees can apply for the pilot (4 months at 80% between Feb 21-22) and higher trainees can apply for the full participation model (80% for any period). Further information can be found at

LTFT Forum 2021

Please find below presentations from the LTFT forum 2021 

Dr Insiya Susnerwala - LTFT Training: An Overview

Dr Henry Collier - LTFT Training for Academia

Dr Reeanne Jones - LTFT Training & Health

Dr Danielle Ormandy - LTFT as a Carer

Dr Tara Byott - LTFT Training & The New Curriculum

Dr Louise England - Shielding & Returning to Work during COVID