How to prepare for ARCP - Specialty Trainees

Form R – Before we even start looking at your eportolio, we check your Form R without which, we cannot proceed.
Therefore it is absolutely essential that you have submitted a Form R.
Find Form R part B HERE
ind the checklist HERE

  1. Upload a nicely laid out and up to date CV on LLL
  2. Upload a logbook SUMMARY covering the year of training being assessed (NOT YOUR ENTIRE LOGBOOK OR SEPARATE LOGBOOK PER PLACEMENT).
    Please name the file using the format “Logbook ST5”
  3. Upload a CPD summary, summarising your educational activities with CPD points awarded per activity with a running total. This should include local departmental meetings, M&M and audit meetings.
    Please name the file using the format “CPD summary ST5”
  4. Upload an Audit and Clinical Governance summary, summarising your involvement, meeting attendance and any completed or ongoing projects with dates.
    Please name the file using the format “Audit and Clinical Governance summary ST5”
  5. Ensure that there is an up to date MSF on LLL -  you only need one MSF per training year.
  6. Consultant Feedback Summary: at the end of every placement we expect a feedback summary from a number of consultants in the department prepared by your ES at the placement (placements 1m or less excused.)
    Please name the file using the format e.g. “Consultant Feedback Summary ST5 Whiston”
  7. PDP: This is really the record of your interaction with your ES. Therefore, it should have a title of “ST4 – RLUH”.
    The objective is the why (and you should know why you’re doing anything listed e.g. fulfil academic requirements of curriculum), the action is how (pass Final FRCA), the resources required are the what and when (attend MAFIT 1, 2 or 3) and the measurement is the outcome (exam pass).
  8. Ensure that there is an ESSR on LLL from EVERY hospital you have been to during the year of training being reviewed.
    This will be at end of placements and also the current post (unless only just arrived there).
    Placements 1m or less are excused as long as detailed comments on CUT form.
  9. Evidence of reflection: According to the GMC guidelines, all doctors should keep a record of reflective practice.
    This needs to cover two aspects of our practice, reflection on educational activities (courses, meetings, etc.) and clinical reflection on significant events, interesting clinical cases and critical incidents.
  10. Feedback from Placements – Please complete feedback for all the hospital allocations that you have had in this training year.
    The link for this is
    Please take a ‘screenshot’ of the final page of each survey to upload to your e-portfolio as “Placement Feedback Aintree” (or wherever you have been) a separate survey is required for each hospital.
  11. If you asked for study leave time for SPA or to Teach on courses, YOU MUST ensure that there is FEEDBACK from the people you taught, FEEDBACK from a senior person supervising you and a REFLECTION

Please note, you can have an ESSR containing ALL of the above documents / information if you and your ES are happy to complete.
However, the most important aspect of the process is ensuring all of the above is available on LLL and easy to find.
Furthermore, the above is merely a checklist, the ARCP outcome will be decided after reviewing the evidence on LLL and after the panel discussion on the day.