We are a small and friendly dept. covering 2 sites. In Ormskirk we provide anaesthesia for elective lists covering Ortho, Dental, Gynae, General, Ophthalmology, ENT and Urology. A Chronic pain service is provided and we have an obstetric unit with 3000 deliveries per year.  

In Southport, there is the adult A&E, ITU, emergency and elective theatres, Ortho trauma and pain clinics. The on call commitments for Core trainees are all at the Southport site. Preoperative assement clinics are held at both sites.


  • Due to the wide and generic nature of the core training programme, it is quite possible for all units of training to be completed with us. Obstetrics and Paeds are catered for with centrally organised rotations to the Liverpool Women’s Hospital and to Alder Hey. 
  • We have a national award winning and busy Intensive care unit. The collaborative approach involving all clinical specialties and daily consultant ward rounds ensure that all requirements for FICM Intermediate Level Training can be met. All of our ICU consultants are either eligible for or are FICM accredited.
  • We are busy enough for a Core trainee to receive a solid foundation and introduction to their new trade but quiet enough to allow for some study when needed. 
  • We have up to 7 Trainees receiving Core training; this includes ACCS from Acute and Emergency medicine and Specialist medical trainees, looking for dual ICM qualifications. This brings a healthy diversity of acute care experience to the trainee environment.  
  • We have 4 AAs in our dept. This allows for more effective one to one training during appropriate lists.
  • We have a team of motivated and knowledgeable Educational Supervisors.


“It is a very friendly department to work in and I have enjoyed my time here so far.”

“A very good hospital with a good mix of work load. The consultants and staff grades are very approachable and are supportive.”

“The hospital is quite small with a fairly light workload compared to where I did my CT1 year (RLUH). For me, I found this beneficial as it gave me lots of time to prepare for exams.”

“Very friendly and encouraging DGH, that is great for CT1 year of training as you are exposed to a variety of surgical specialities including trauma, gen surgery, orthopaedics and gynaecology. Additionally is a good place to develop increasing independent practice for simple ASA 1 and 2 cases in the emergency lists, whilst having enough time to revise from the outset of training for the Primary FRCA exams.”

“A really good introduction to anaesthesia for my level of training. The staff were all very approachable and keen to teach as well as supportive throughout the year”

“The rota co-ordinator and college tutor will change lists around very easily to ensure you get appropriate specialities.”

“The college tutor and my educational supervisor have kept in contact with my throughout my 6 m, ensuring I was having no issues with training needs”.


Annual and study leave are all requested on the Healthroster (EOL-MOL) for approval. This is an electronic admin system that trainees learn about on induction or via Leslie beforehand if necessary.

Parking is all sorted out with Medical HR – They send a link to the new Trainees for all the information. This again is sorted out at induction.

The Theatre rota is a 1:8 on-call rota. Template below

Southport rota

North West