2021 Curriculum

The new 2021 curriculum means a substantial change for anaesthetic trainees and trainers across the region. This page aims to provide some resources to ease the transition and will be updated regularly. 

 RCOA Information

The RCOA Webpage has all the information from the college including structure, philosophy and assessments of the 2021 curriculum. 

Information regarding transition to the new curriculum can be found on the link. It also has links to equivalence guidance for CT3 and ST5 trainees. Further down the page transition plans can be found for each year of training. 

NW Deanery Resources

Hear Dr Geraint Briggs' overview of how the North West Deanery are implementing the 2021 curriculum, namely in stages 2 and 3.

Hear Dr Sarah Thornton explaining the transition from the 2010 to the 2021 curriculum including the documentation and equivalence certifcate requirements.

Dr Oliver Pratt runs through the overall structure of the 2021 curriculum and why changes have been made to each stage.

Your questions answered.

Educational Supervisors

Dr Simon Maguire guides you through the new requirements of supervisors and the new supervised learning event defintions.



North West