Stages' Proformas 

  1. May 2020 Proformas (for trainees on Old NHS portfolio to use)
  1. February 2022 Proformas (for all new trainees and those moved to the new RCoA LLP portfolio to use)

ARCP Forms

  • ARCP placement feedback form         **Updated every year, should use the latest version**   
    • Form R is now submitted through TIS Self-Service portal set up by HEE from ARCPS happening October 2022 on-wards
    • Please refer to the guidance that should have been e-mailed to all of you - We have attached her as well for your convenience  
    • TIS self Service letter     
    • TIS Self-Service Guide                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

ICM Curriculum: Supporting Excellence

Supervised Learning Events (SLE) forms (Paper Format)

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