SuppoRRT Rep Election 2021

Candidate Statements

Hannah Shereef

ST6 Anaesthetics

As someone who has recently started accessing SuppoRTT, I have a good understanding of what the programme currently offers, how it aims to support trainees and most importantly, how it can improve. My time away from training coincides with the ongoing transition to the new 2021 training structure and curriculum. I’m acutely aware that trainees taking time out of training are disproportionately affected by this additional stressor, on top of navigating the personal and lifestyle changes that often accompany reasons for taking out from training. Our greatest source of support is each other and if nominated it’s my goal to create a network of trainees taking time out, who can keep in touch socially as well as professionally. Through liaising with the school I’ll also be working hard to keep abreast of anaesthesia-specific training changes, develop guides/resources for keeping up to date and advocate for workplace adaptations/facilities so that when we do return to work, we feel fully prepared and supported. 

Tara Byott

ST6 Anaesthetics

My name is Tara Byott and I am an LTFT ST6 anaesthetic trainee in the North West. I am interested in taking on the role of trainee suppoRRT representative. As a mum of three, I am very well versed in the challenges of returning to work after a period of absence. I understand how daunting the whole process can be and am keen to help support trainees through this.

I am involved in both regional and national ‘Return to Work’ courses. The North West simulation based course has been integral to my smooth transition back into work and I am now part of the faculty. I also facilitate a workshop in the national ‘Return to Work’ course on behalf of the RCOA and The Association of Anaesthetists. This is a new course that was set up during the pandemic to help those returning to work at this difficult time. The online format has been well received and continues to get excellent feedback from the attendees. I also created a ‘Return to Work Checklist’ which is available on the college website. The aim of this is to help focus your mind before you get back to work.

There is a wealth of information and support out there for trainees who are returning to work. As your representative, I will endeavor to represent your needs at board level, be the communication link between you all and help make your transition back into work as seamless as possible.

Emma O’Neill

CT2 Anaesthetics

I am a current CT2 Core Anaesthetics trainee, currently at MRI. 

I would love to be put forward for nomination as the SuppoRTT Rep. 

I am a friendly, approachable, reliable and enthusiastic person. In the past I have undertaken many roles and responsibilities, from community church work and scout leadership, BMA LNC rep (Wigan) as a foundation trainee, and trainee rep for Tameside as a CT1. 

I feel strongly about listening to and supporting my colleagues, by representing and bringing forward issues for resolution that impacts their day to day work and life. I enjoy networking and communicating within the committees that form, and strive to ensure that I can provide back feedback and progress wherever possible. I was awarded the People award at the end of foundation training for recognition of my support and guidance to colleagues, as someone who has gone the extra mile. 

I recognise the great opportunities and willingness of the school to do the best they can for trainees returning to practice, and as a SuppoRTT Rep I would do my utmost to ensure trainees are better informed and supported, with greater communication and information to help their own unique return to work. 

In my postgraduate training, I have had to take unplanned leave due to a chronic health condition, and also had to shield through the pandemic. My experience of a long term health condition has opened my eyes to the discrinination and prejudice that still exists, and has forced me to consider how equality can be more achievable in the workplace. 

Returning to work can be challenging for many reasons. For myself I felt isolated, with no knowledge of who to contact beyond my supervisors and TPD. Had there been an accessible trainee rep, someone who was familiar with and understood the process, and a person to contact who could signpost, I feel would have been an excellent resource to have. 

North West