Careers and Sub-Specialties

Here you will find information regarding careers in anaesthetics and how to make the most of other opportunities towards you CCT.

Anaesthetics Career Talks

A few talks to help prospective trainees towards a career in anaesthesia:

Anaesthesia as a Career (1) - Dr Sarah Thornton 

Anaesthesia as a Career (2) - Dr Simon Maguire

Life as an Anaesthetic Trainee - Dr John Nicholls

ICM Careers- Dr Sarah Clarke 

Career Guides

Some useful documents about how to progress and branch out your anaesthetic training, audio and podcasts coming soon:

A Guide To Academic Anaesthesia - Dr Cliff Shelton

CCT to Consultancy Guides

Some helpful tips transitioning from trainee to consultant:

Final ARCP To CCT Checklist - Dr Natalie Quinn

Sub-Specialty Courses

Peri-operative Medicine Specialist Courses with Manchester Metropolitan University - Guide

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