North West School of Anaesthesia Teaching Programme

Tutorials have now returned to face-to-face but the school has updated it's approach to delivering the teaching for the new curriculum. This will comprise attendance at New Starter Tutorials initially in stage 1, plus completion of the online SAVEd tutorials on this website or via the e-LFH website which can be logged in the new Stage 1 and Stage 2 workbooks found here.

New Starter Tutorials: Hosted at the University of Bolton, Queens Campus, Farnworth
New Starter Programme August 2023

Stage 1 (CT1-CT2)

1) Primary FRCA Regional Training Programme - Click on the link to show the Calendar of Primary FRCA Study Days

2) Primary MCQ Course: Attend in House Course as advised by School

3) Primary OSCE/SOE:  Attend in House Course as advised by School

Other Courses that CT1 and CT2 trainees are expected to attend include:

Critical Incident Simulation Training: 

Royal Oldham Hospital: 8th December 2023

Royal Preston Hospital: 11th December 2023

Critical Care Patient Transfer Courses

Once registered, E-Learning must be completed on

Royal Bolton Hospital: 25th January 2024, 25th October 2024

Blackpool Victoria Hospital: 19th January 2024, 25th March 2024, 24th May 2024, 26th September 2024, 19th November 2024

Royal Preston Hospital: 30th November 2023, 7th December 2023 ,27th February 2024, 5th March 2024, 26th April 2024, 9th May 2024

Intensive Care Study Day  Wythenshawe Hospital: 27th November 2023
Airway Study Day  Royal Lancaster Infirmary: 11th March 2024
Medical Devices Training  Manchester Royal Infirmary: TBC
Obstetric Study Day  Wythenshawe Hospital:21st June 2024, 22st November 2024,
 CT2 Anatomy Course  Manchester Royal Infirmary: 19th October 2023
 Regional Anaesthesia Study Day  Stepping Hill Hospital: 22nd May 2024

Stage 1 (CT3)

General Competencies:

Education Centre Chorley Hospital: 12th October 2023, 6th December 2023

Need For Paeds:

Wythenshawe Hospital:  13th June 2023

Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA)

Wythenshawe Hospital: TBC

Stage 2 (Intermediate)

Neuro SIM (email to book):

Preston 11th January 2024 and 21st March 2024

For Exam specific material, please see the Exam Revision Page

2023/24 Special Dates - Typically these will take place on Wednesdays throughout the year:

Paediatrics (RMCH unless specified) Day 1: 18th October 2023 Day 2: 29th November 2023 Day 3: 24th January 2024 Paediatric Anxiety: 31st January 2024
Thoracic (Wythenshawe) 13th March 2024      
Cardiac (Wythenshawe) 20th March 2024      
Pain 22nd March 2024      
Neuro 15th May 2024 (Preston) 6th December 2023 (1/2 day) (Salford)    

Stage 3 (Higher)

Preparing for Paeds 16th April 2024, 26th November 2024

Countdown to CCT Teaching can be accessed from here.

Please follow these rules of engagement when accessing Zoom tutorials:

1) Please join the session a few minutes before the session starts. The only attendees who will be able to attend late are those who have been unable to join due to travelling from hospital following an on-call shift.
2) Choose to connect by audio and then allow to share video. Attendees who do not share video will be asked to turn the camera on, and if not done, may be excluded from the session.
3) Once the presentation starts, could you please mute your microphone to minimise background noise. When asked questions, please unmute to answer.
4) Use the chat function if needed to ask questions during the presentation. If there is a problem with audio or the visuals, please unmute to ask the presenter to rectify it.


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