Trainers Area

This area of the website hosts information useful to trainers in the North West Deanery. 

Educational Appraisal Support

This newsletter provides information for trainers on how to get started, how to get recognition as a trainer and information on further courses for development. 

Educational Supervisors Update Days

Educational Supervisor Update Days are due to take place on: 10th October 2022, 22nd February 2023 and 25th of May 2023

This Dropbox contains talks from ES update days on topics such as how to be an effective ES and supporting trainees in difficulty. 

Watch the Video of the Educational Supervisors Day (July 2021) covering all you need to know about trainee supervision, exams and the new curriculum.

2021 Curriculum Changes and ARCP Requirements

An overview of the Anaesthetics 2021 Curriculum can be found here

The RCOA Guidance for ARCP Requirements during Transition Years can be found here

For opportunities to be involved with teaching please check the calender area of the MMACC website for course dates and locations. 

Stages of Training Guides

Details of the new curriculum expectations for each stages of training can be found below

Stage 1 (CT1-CT3)


North West