Study Leave

Here you will find information on claiming study leave in the North West Deanery.

This link will take you directly to the HEENW study leave website.


All trainees are entitled to 30 days per year of study leave.

Claiming Leave

To claim study leave you must first complete a FS1 Form and complete sections A-C.

This form should then be emailed to your Education Supervisor and Rota Master to eletronically sign.

Once they have counter signed the form should be forwarded to your study leave administrator (see below)

They will forward the form to your TPD, and if accepted it will be returned to you with a study leave expenses claims form.

Study Leave Administrators


Core Trainee North School -

Core Trainee South School -

ST3+ Trainee -

Study Leave Expenses

Once accepted you will be sent a study leave expenses claim form. This should be returned within 3 months after the first day of your course OR prior to the end of february following your course, whichever is sooner.

You can claim expenses for:

Travel - Up to the cost of a standard class return ticket via train. Mileage is charged at 23p/mile from base hospital.

Course Fee - As specified in the original claim when approved.

Accomodation - £120/night B&B outside London and £150/night within London.

Subsistence - upto £20.

Keep records for accomodation and subsistence.