FFICM exam

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    The range on offer is expanding as the exam develops and it is difficult to recommend particular texts but here are a few:

                       Critical Care MCQs: A Companion for Intensive Care Exams by [Steven Lobaz, Mika Hamilton, Alastair J Glossop, Ajay H Raithatha]   
                           Revision Notes in Intensive Care Medicine (Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts) by [Stuart Gillon, Chris Wright, Cameron Knott, Mark McPhail, Luigi Camporota, Mark Mcphail] 
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                    BMJ OnExamination             
    • 1,000+ FFICM revision questions 
    • Offline App helps you revise on the go
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  • Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed) 

    There has been a considerable growth in recent years in openly accessible and crowd-sourced materials that can be used to supplement and enhance traditional educational methods. 

    1. LIFE IN THE FAST LANE                                                                                            LITFL Logo.jpg

    A brilliant resource to obtain quick and up to date information on critical care topics. Click on CCC (Critical Care Compendium) and search away! Also has a great ECG quiz!

    2. THE BOTTOM LINE                                                                                               The Bottom Line.jpg

    A compendium of all the landmark papers which are shaping the way we manage our critically ill patients. Each paper has been summarised and critiqued ending with a 'bottom line' paragraph. The papers are reviewed and cross-checked by the editorial group.

     3. Critical Care Reviews                                                                         CCR Logo Promoting OA 080715 opt
    A free, not-for-profit, educational critical care project. The site offers many resources, including a journal watch facility, weekly newsletter, podcast, annual book, annual meeting, the largest structured collection of accessible critical care review articles on the internet, links to major studies and guidelines, as well as links to free vodcasts, podcasts, and a vast array of societies, groups and websites.

    4. ICM Case summaries                                                                                        

    The aim of this web resource was to create an online repository of ICM expanded case summaries.  As ICM Case Summaries grows it will form a continuously expanding and updating free online educational resource for intensive care medicine professionals.

    5. Deranged Physiology                                                                                                                Deranged physiology.jpg

    Australasian website designed for their ICM exams, all very relevant. Good explanations of physiology aimed at SOE questions.

    6. NeuroICU.guru                                                                                                                        NeuroICU.guru

    Neurocritical care resources, education and protocols from the neuroICU.guru team at Salford Royal Hospital. 

    7. EMCrit Project                                                                                                                             EMCrit Blog - Emergency Department Critical Care & Resuscitation

    EMCrit is an American medical collective and publishing group made up of physicians in the field of critical care and emergency medicine. The group publishes a number of digital resources to equip physicians, nurses, paramedics and researchers

    8. Intensive Care Network                                                                                                             Intensive Care Network

    ICN has been developed to educate, link and stimulate healthcare professionals involved in critical care, based on what we believe to be one of the key characteristics of Intensive Care: the teamwork and collegiality that occurs when like-minded professionals share a common purpose. It is run by a dedicated team of critical care specialists and trainees committed to providing high quality, free medical education and to do it with style.

    9. Social Media and Critical Care (SMACC)                                                                                   SMACC

    A health promotion charity. It is based on the philosophy of FOAM. The organising committee gives their time freely and receives no financial benefit. This in part explains the wonderful passions for philanthropy, sharing, education and innovation that make this critical care community so unique.

    10. Five Minute Sono                                                                                                                      5MinSono Logo.jpg

    A great resource for those not familiar with ECHO view and findings. 5-minute videos and podcasts. ECHO is coming up in the exam more and more frequently.


    Other Resources

        # ICU Trials by ClinCalc                                                                                           ICU+Trials.jpg

    Phone app (approx £4.99) giving a brief synopsis of relevant trials allowing bedside access to evidence base.


       # YouTube Channels

    ICU Advantage - ICU educational videos are divided by category and presented in a very simple easy to follow format. Highly recommended
    Armando Hasudungan Channel - Armando is an Australian Physician that posts videos that cover core concepts in all fields of medicine. His medical diagrams are really simple to follow and make it easy to stick with you forever. Really useful if you are looking to review or revisit core medical concepts.