Mandatory Courses

FFICM Preparation Courses

Our advice would be to book onto as many courses as you can get study leave for, the more time dedicated to practice the better. Getting an idea of the running of the stations, the style of questioning and stamina required helps to build confidence and competence.
<<However, be minded that the official rule is that you undertake the regional course first. If this is not available in the right timeframe, the TPD will review a sanction for one of the others. If you are doing the exam multiple times, the TPD will also review further courses. This means that the Manchester OSCE and The Salford communication courses are the ones supported initially>>
Below are all of the courses we are currently aware of:
  • Oxford FFICM exam course:

    An excellent course runs bi-annually prior to each SOE/OSCE setting. It is FREE for Thames Valley trainees, a day of practice, practice, practice!        

  • Leeds/London FFICM Exam Preparatory Course:

    The college runs a two-day course for the SOE/OSCE in Leeds or at RCoA in London. This course is invaluable, with a day of small group tutorials on some tricky topics and a day of OSCE and SOE practise. Tends to get fully booked (only 32 places) before the MCQ results day so take a punt and book early (they do refund if you are unsuccessful in the MCQ as there is a waiting list)! 

    Currently, this course is run digitally over 3 tiers - Head to the website for further details.                                                                                         

  • Wessex ICM Society (PINCER course):

    There is an excellent course, also for the SOE/OSCE run in Portsmouth, well-rated amongst Oxford trainees. (it looks like this course is not running at the moment probably due to COVID!!)

  • Stoke on Trent Final FFICM Course:

    Stoke offers a one-day FFICM SOE/VIVA practice day, don’t have any reviews I’m afraid but sounds like good practice.                                             

  • Manchester FFICM Prep Course:

    One day course, few lectures and a full run-through of OSCE and SOE. Based at North Manchester Hospital. Easy parking, cheap overnight accommodation and well run course. Less formal than the college course. Can highly recommend it. Approx £80.                                                                 e-mail:            Dr Shafee Shaikh (      or      Dr James Hanison (

  • The Welsh OSCE/SOE Course:

     Again I’m afraid no reviews but at £40 for a day of practice, I don’t think you can go wrong! Based in Swansea.                                                                  e-mail:

  • Salford Critical Care Communication Course:

         Run biannually at Salford Royal Foundation Trust in Manchester. Course fee £150. Very good feedback.                                                        

Focused Ultrasound in Intensive Care (FUSIC)

FUSIC is an enhanced modular pathway for ultrasound in intensive care. By bringing together the two premier ultrasound accreditation programmes, Focused Intensive Care Echo (FICE) and Core Ultrasound in Intensive Care (CUSIC). FUSIC allows you to design your own learning experience and complete the modules that are most relevant to you.

Other Supported/Useful Courses

These courses will also be granted Study leave as well as be paid for by the deanery  Training courses for Doctors