NW ICU Logbook Version History

V1.7 (Aug 2021)
Added PICC line and US modalities
Numbers: Version 1.6 skipped for consistency
V1.6 (Sep 2020)
Excel only: Corrected formula for intubations (range should say !S:S) and RSI (range should say !R:R)
V1.5 (Oct 2019)
Added ESP block
More detailed procedural summaries
V1.4 (Jun 2019)
Conditional formatting for "#DIV/0!" errors
Added in "non-trainee" for teaching
Unlocked trainee demographic data so it can be edited even if page is locked
Minor formulae error in "percentage admitted" under "ICU patients by speciatly and age" in "Stats-Cases" errors in counting trauma and cardiac cases
V1.3 (Feb 2019)
Added Vascath
Added trainee demographics for ARCP summary
Rearranged summary tables to fit print layout
V1.2 (Sep 2018)
Added communication with relatives column before outcome column. Added COUNTIF function in Procedure Summary page
V1.1 (Jul 2018)
Added DVT ultrasound to reflect CUSIC competencies
Minor formulae errors corrected

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